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Blown Front Door Speakers In A 2004 Rx 330 Mark Levinson Sound System

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I think my son is responsible for my poor sounding front door speakers on a 2004 RX 330 Mark Levinson) with navigation). The front door speakers sound like the 2 little tinny speakers on my laptop.

The sound system is what I liked the most in this vehicle (it may not be the best but it was the most I had ever spent on an upgraded sound system and I loved it).

The Lexus dealer wants about $300 per speaker plus installation - no way.

However, here is where the confusion starts - one person on the internet tried to sell me ML round speakers for my front doors - I can see with a flashlight that they are oval (6x9). Do I have to use ML speakers? What is unique about them?

A local audio store has said he thinks he can save me some money but wants to know the ohm rating of my speakers. What are they?

Any good suggestions for replacement speakers (remember, I love sound)!(but I am also retired).

Is there anything else I should know prior to taking the car to a local shop?

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Best thing would be to take a speaker out, and on the back you should find the Ohm rating. You can often find the exact replacement speakers (new or used) on eBay for a fraction of the dealer price. Also check out for OEM parts at much better prices than the dealer. Removing the door panel and speaker is not too hard. Hopefully they are held in with screws rather than rivets, or you will have to drill out the rivets to remove the speaker.

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