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Nissan Enthusiast Turned Ls Dummy

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This is a bit awkward considering I have been a member of 1 forum ever (for 5 or 6 years), and i feel as if I am writing a personals ad. But here we go. My name is Josh, i'm 26, and I reside in Kansas City, Mo. I have been a nissan 240sx owner since I was 18, and a friend from japan recently opened my eyes. "after 25, If you aren't professional, You have to give up drifting". At first I didn't get what he was trying to say. Literally, and metaphorically. But after seeing where it is headed, and how bad people my age look hanging out and driving at events, I definitely understand now. I was turned onto the ls from another mutual friend. After doing some research, I knew this was the car for me. Long lasting, classy, and still able to modify. I just bought my first Lexus less than a week ago. Other than a few quirks (which I will make other posts for), I can't be more satisfied for the price. I paid 2300 for a 1990 ls with 170k. It wasn't the best maintained, but it wasn't the worst car I have ever bought either. So far, i am absolutely in love with the ride quality and power. I am looking forward to learning this car inside and out. I also look forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts who can lend some knowlege to a new ls guy. Thanks for reading, and long live my ls...

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