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Wont Crank Over

1991 Ls400 wont crank over, sounds like it wants to  

  1. 1. Can anyone help me?

    • Does anyone know how to disengage the Anti Theft system/ Kill Switch

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Please help !!

A few weeks ago, it took my car half a day to finally start up after killing the battery a few times. But once it started it was good for the entire day.

Then it wouldn't start for days at a time. Now it want start at all.

I have had the Coils, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Relays and so many other things done to this car. You have some folks saying it's the Timing Belt and others saying it's the Anti-Theft Deterent or something like that.

Does anyone know how to disengage the Anit Theft/ Kill Switch on this car?

Signed: Broke because of my car !!

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We can help with better and more information.

Firstly it sounds like the engine is in fact cranking on the starter motor, but not firing (starting) up. If it cranks you can diagnose it without resorting to throwing parts at it. Both coils would not have failed, and the engine will run on one. Checking fuel pressure is simple enough, without changing the pump and filter. Relays the same. Too late now.

As to the timing belt, the engine will sound different during cranking - not make normal compression sounds. You can remove the upper belt covers, roll the engine to TDC and check that the marks align.

Diagnose it before spending any more money.

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