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Hello all?

I don't own a Lexus as of now but when I move back to the states I plan to, right now I live in Japan. I use to own a 1994 Toyota Cresta Tourer V with mild mods. Now I own a Nissan Stagea RS-4 with a lot of mods; HKS Exhaust and Springs, HKS 2535 Turbo Kit, Mines ECU, Blitz Inter cooler, ext. I like this car but I cannot bring it back the states when I move back. So I'm going to buy either a IS 300, GS 300 or a SC 300.

I have some questions about these cars I hope you guys can answer them.

GS 300-In the states it came with the 2JZ-GE is this the same specs as the 2JZ-GTE just w/o the Turbo? Can I just get a OEM Toyota Supra Turbo's and other parts to make a 2JZ-GTE? Did the United States version ever come with 1UZ-FE if so how reliable and costly is it to tune this engine? Does the 1UZ-FE and the 2JZ use the same engine mounts?

SC 300-Really all of the same questions apply for this model too. Thanks in advance guys.

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