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Es300 Factory Alarm Has Mind Of Its Own

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Recently, my 1998 ES300 alarm has been going off even after disarming. I would disarm alarm using remote. Alarm will then go off when opening any door or trunk.

Problem appears to be getting worse, as I was able to stop alarm by pressing remote, but now remote does not disarm, so I have to insert key into ignition and start car

in order to stop alarm.

Is there any way of disconnecting factory alarm from ES300? The 1998 ES Alarm has "engine kill" feature. Its been my experience that factory alarm problems with other

make/models are difficult to repair. Is this the case for Lexus?

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I have a 1998 ES300 with a similar problem. Once, after parking the car in the garage, we were watching TV when the car alarm went off. The horn was blowing and the doors were locked!!! We do not lock the car doors in the garage. Unlocking the driver's door stopped the alarm. How, or why, did this happen?

My key fob stopped working long ago - maybe. Could not trust it. It would not unlock the doors and sometimes would set off the alarm instead. We removed the batteries in the key fob.

Occasionally now, the locks will cycle to unlock the doors two or three times when the driver's door is opened and closed.

The doors will lock with the driver's door switch and the driver's door key.

Is there some sensor(s) causing this?

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