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Sc400 Won't Idle.

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My 94 SC400 acted up last week. When I came to a stop light, the engine would die. Started up immediately but had to keep the gas peddle down to hold 1000 rpm or so. The car performs perfectly at all speeds --- the mpg is right on. Took it to the dealer and they fixed something and got it back to proper idle in a few minutes at NO CHARGE. The mechanic said it was a loose battery (not the cable) which was recently installed. He said the battery might wobble as the car is driven. Well anyway the idle problem returned this weekend even after I tied the battery down as tight as possible.

I sure don't understand what the real problem was/is (and I think a slight wobble is questionable cause). I would appreciate any input from you folks. One input from a friend was to remove the locking gas cap which might be causing a high vacuum in the tank. Possibility??

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