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Nav Screen Cracked

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum due to the reason that I need help.

Recently I was trying to type in an address in my gps. It wasn't sensing my finger so as i pressed harder ( I pressed too hard ), my finger cracked the screen and lexus won't believe me. They say the whole system is down and I need to replace the whole unit for $5000+, I asked for just the screen and they quoted me $2700 which is INSANE... I heard a member called "DCFISH" has helpd many in my situation. If dcfish or anyone can help me with my problem i would greatly appreciate it. I want to replace my touch screen and know how to do so.

You can reach me on or on here.

Thank you in advance, i hope you can help me.

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This just happened to my wife's 2007 RX400h :(

I was quoted $7500 for a new screen and then $2600 for a refurb.

I have no idea how the crack happened, it runs for several inches, curves and is hairline thin.

All this 2 months after the standard warrenty was up, although, because of the dependency for the hybrid system, I'm debating with Lexus about it's applicability to the longer hybrid warrenty.

If anyone has a similar experience or has a solution, please let me know!!

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