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Problem Over Porblems With Rx300

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I purchased this SUV Lexus RX300 4WD in Mid 2000 when it was a new line of SUV and thinking that this was the original buidl from Japan, and at 65K miles, i started noticing problems since January 2009,

1. O2 Sensor goes bad at 65,000 Miles

2. Rear Main Seal Leak at 66,000 Miles

3. Bad Knock Sensor on Bank 1 at about 85,000 Miles

4. Engine shoots upto between 4000 to 5000 RPM while driving at 65MPH.

Replaced the O2 sensor, replaced the Main Seal.

I had Honda and currently have other Honda Vehicles and till 90,000 miles did not see any issues with the engine or transmission. This is ridiculous and now i think if i have to decide between Toyota/Lexus. I would prefer Honda/Accura.

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A bad knock sensor will cause the engine to not go into overdrive.....Very bad luck...I have 186k miles on mine, but the weather is kinder where I live. I suspect the snow and ice contribute a lot to hard problems on the RX300.

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