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Dash Rattles


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I have recently purchased a 2007 ES 350 with 80,000 Km (roughly 52,000 miles) from a trustworthy, but non-Lexus dealer. I have owned 2 ES's previously (92, 98)and find my new one has dash rattles and squeaks like I've never experienced.(tire noise is also fairly prominent) My most recent car, a 2002 Nissan Maxima, was as solid sounding and tight as the day it was made. Rough pavement has my Lexus rattling and squeaking primarily from the right dash, but occasionally from the steering wheel area. It's most disappointing. Has anyone experienced anything similar? If so, does anyone know if anything can be done about it?

Also, does anyone have any experience using mid-grade gas?


a rattled owner

Hamilton, ONT

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I have a 2008 with 37K miles and experienced the same issues with very few miles i.e., 10K. The Lexus dealer completely removed the dash and lined it with a cloth material. They also had to replace a spring in the steering column that was rattling. This was all under warranty and I am sure would be quite expensive out of warranty.

I had two other rattles they had to remedy: the first was a weld within the passengers door (they had to redo the spot weld) and second was both of the seatbelt holders on the B-pillars (they had to line both with cloth as well).

Not what I initially expected from Lexus, but the dealer in Indianapolis fixed the problem and everything has been great ever since.

Also, when I replaced the crap OEM tires with Michelin Primacy's, the car is now tomb quiet.

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I Have the same problem .My 07 ES350 has Dash rattles and squeaks on rough pavement and cold weather makes it worse .

Took my car in to the dealer and left it there so they can drive it in the morning when its cold . Waiting to hear from them I hope they can fix that annoying problem.

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I had similar problem when I bought my 07 ES 4 years ago. There are many possible causes. Speedevil's TSIB covers most of them. Besides these, center air vent may cause noise. You could try this, when you hear the rattle, use your finger and push the start button area (not the button, of course). If the rattle goes away when you push it and the noise comes back when you release your hand, then perhaps the air vent is the problem. Remove the vent unit and put some black color electric tape on edge of the housing, the rattle will probably go away. There is a 3rd possibility. Front windshield may result in a tick noise. Lexus bulletin TSIB005-06 is addressing this problem. This is a much harder task. You need to remove the wind shield and modify 4 glass stoppers.

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