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Car Plays Nursery Rhyme-Type Chime Intermittantly?

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When I first bought my LS 460 the car played a little jingle, chime or tune loudly in the car just once or twice. I called the local service department and they had no idea what this was. It hasn't happened for a few years.

I just got my car back from the engine spring recall repair and the jingle is playing most every time I use the car. It is very load, plays over the stereo music and plays while my seat belt is on. This is not the ding-ding-ding-ding sound that the seatbelt makes.

Has anyone out there experienced this? Does anyone know what this chime is telling me?

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Actually, now that you mention it, that was what the service department thought the first time around. But no one was missing a phone.

However it is the same chime as originally and it comes through VERY loud over the driver speaker, not faintly. The music does not shut off as I mentioned.

I know the Japanese are famous for their chimes and reminder tones (my Japanese rice cooker plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - go figure!) so I'm guessing it is something like this.

Any ohter other ideas??

Thank you@

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