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How Much Money Did I Save? Diy Work

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Just came out of the garage finishing up a 5 hour project on the wifes 2000 RX300. She had a bad coil on #1 and #2, so I figured since I was diving in, I would go ahead and change all 3 coils on the back of the engine, all 6 plugs, and while I was in there I changed the valve cover gasket on the back (already changed the one on the front a couple months ago) and changed the coolant hose that is under the lower intake.

I'm sure a dealer would have done it in less than 5 hours, but I also bet the dealer charges by the book for those things even if the actual labor time is less.

Just wondering how many brownie points I can take back to the wife, ie, "hey babe, I saved us $___ by doing that myself."

This was a very intimidating project with as much as I removed and put back without breaking or losing anything. I'm very pleased to have this done.

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