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Upper Intake Gasket?

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UPS shows my plugs and coil packs should be delivered Thursday. I figured tonight and tomorrow I'll actually start taking it apart. In hopes of having everything I need, if I pull the upper intake to get to the rear valve cover/coils/plugs, do I need a specific gasket there or is RTV usually used?

I did all the hoses on the car and coolant change when I did the timing belt a few months ago, but didn't pull the lower intake to get to the hose that sits under it. If I'm going to have everything that far apart, should I pull the lower intake too just to replace that hose?

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DOH!! Sorry, rookie mistake. I usually put the car in the title and forgot.

2000 RX300.

Has a P0301 and P0302 which I'm guessing is ignition coils since we changed the plugs about a year ago. I bought 3 coils to change out all the ones on the back as well as another set of plugs, all from Replacing all three coils and the spark plugs with Lexus parts since we used cheap ones last time and I don't want to go to the back of the engine again anytime soon.

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Ok well here we go .P0301 is cyl 1 misfire and P0302 is cly 2 to do rear coils and plugs you dont have to take the upper intake off .....well atleast i dont .....i remove the pcv valve which is on the left side of the rear vavle cover....that way u can get to cyl 1 and 3 aliitle for cly 5 i take off the cruise control cable thats on the throttle body .....just remove the bolt the holds the bracket....hope this helps

To take the upper intake off is kinda a !Removed! cause u have to take out the wipers,cowl,wiper motor, cowl tray,front strut brace ,supports for the throttle body and will be a mess if you dont know whats going on .....

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Well, I had also planned on doing a valve cover gasket change. And then I figured I might as well do the radiator hose under the lower intake too while I'm that far into it.

I took off the wiper/cowl assembly a few months ago when I did the timing belt (the manual said to, didn't really need to from what I could tell), and it wasn't that bad, particularly with an air ratchet.

So Lexus numbers the cylinders alternating vice sequentially down each bank, huh? Did not know that. I've heard a bad coil on the Lexus can make other cylinders misfire, and we changed the cyl 1 coil a year ago with a Lexus part, so I was thinking it was only the cyl 2 coil that was bad. If the cyl 1 coil is actually bad I'm going to be *BLEEP*ed since I spend the extra money for genuine Lexus parts.

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