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Peter 1

Salt Damage On Paint Of Is250

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Hi To Everyone

I just happened to be squizing around the web looking for car detailing forums

and I came across this forum on the Lexus Club in the states. As I have

carried out paint correction on two Lexuses

I figured I'd just right a few words in regards to Lexus car paint.

I have to admit, from all the cars that I detail on a regular basis, Lexus seems to

be one of the manufacturers that has fairly appealing paint. The only other manufacturer

that I ever see having similar paint is Audi. Little orange peal indeed

compared to most vehicle manufacturers. I happened to have carried out paint correction

on an IS250 Lexus a couple of years ago and this vehicle owner was at his wits end.

I felt so sorry for him, because one look at the paint, and you could tell he was in serious trouble.

Here is a couple of images of damaged panels



After a few minutes of discussion as to the history of this vehicle, we discovered

the damage was evidently from salt, as the previous owner resided on the coast

of Sydney. I could not believe paint restoration specialists were actually turning

this poor guy away. He was evidently facing a full vehicle respray, if he could

not get assistance to remove this damage. The vehicle dealer assisted in

handing this vehicle to their own relevant detailers, but they too claimed

the damage could not be removed.

I have to admit, this was certainly one of the most demanding jobs I ever had to undertake.

This vehicle took two days to restore, and proved to be one of the most challenging jobs

I ever did

Here are a couple more pics with partially restored panels



The restoration of this Lexus was basically mind boggling. Realistically, I should have

just exercised some wet sanding, but after having carried out paint thickness checks

it proved to be not worth the risks. As it was, whether I liked it or not

I had to fix this car for this customer who stood by and watched as his paint

slowly started unfolding into a glass finish.

Here are some more pics


Obviously, because of the level of damage inflicted by salt, I had to utilize

the severe end paint correction products such as wool pads and aggressive cutting compounds.

The damage left behind from these products was clearly evident

Swirl marks absolutely everywhere, but the damage was coming off. BIG PLUS !!


The end result of course after 20 plus hours of paint correction was certainly

a site to behold. This finish, for the customer to have re-sprayed the vehicle

would have set him back well over 6000 dollars. Lucky for him, we still had enough

material to remove, and to be able to save his paint

More Pics




My point is simple to all of this. You guys happen to own some rather expensive toys.

Every now and then, attempt to take care of your paint, using proper maintenance techniques.

The restoration of this particular IS250 was not cheap, but was considerably more affordable

to restore it, and the customer got to keep the original paint.

It is always better to maintain original paint than to have to respray your car.

Regular maintenance allows for the best possible paint protection and possible

paint finish, especially with Lexus paint.



Dr Buff

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