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Accelerator Pedal Stuck, Locked Up

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The accelerator pedal in my 2001 RX300 often locks up when I stop at a traffic light or a stop sign. I have to press very hard on it, or sometimes stomp on it, to get the car going again. It is uncomfortable and unsafe, especially on city driving.

Lexus dealer changed the complete pedal set, and check wire, but situation is the same. They dont know what to do.

Once the car is in motion, the gas peadal is back to normal. The car drives well with no warning or any other symptom. Only occurs after not accelerating.

If someone has experienced this problem before, would you give me some suggestion on where I should be looking at?

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Following other topics, I celaned up the throttle body with carb cleaner, and now the car is going like new.

Thanks for the forum

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