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Need Some Help With 2 Things


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I have a 2005 ES330 with 100k miles

the parking brake basically drops to the floor.

It does not work in any position, simply putting it in gear reverse or drive it will start rolling.

Though as of right now if it is pressed all the way down as far as it will go it will hold the in gear rolling but nothing more.

From what I understand, the parking brake on this car is a drum unit with the regular rear brake as discs.

It was never used much but does it wear over time? Do the shoes need to be replaced or do I need an adjustment somewhere?

I've never replaced drum shoes before or adjusted an ebrake on drums, any tips on what to do? I've only done it on disc brakes.

2nd issue

If the car is stopped and I jiggle the steering wheel quickly turning left and right like quarter turns or so something in the steering shaft knocks. If I get down under in the footwell and rest my hand on the shaft that enters the firewall I can feel it knock.

At first I thought it was worn front swaybar endlinks since my other car did something similar when they were worn. I swapped them for new ones and the noise and knock went away. Shortly after it came back. I guess that wasn't it?

Any ideas on what that is?

Thanks :cheers:

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The rear emergency brakes are simply drum brake shoes inside the rear rotors. Even when new, the shoes only have about 4 mm of friction material on them. Unless the parking brake was accidentally left on for some time, the shoes should last the life of the car.

From what you describe, I'd be surprised if they are excessively worn and need replacing. More likely, you have had some part of the brake cable assembly come loose and its causing your lack of brake lockup when activated.

There is a single cable from the front of the car to just about mid car where it splits into two cables, one to each rear wheel. Prior to the twin cables is an adjuster to take the slack out of the cables. Your problem could be at the adjuster, which needs tightening, at the foot pedal under the dash possibly, or right at one or both of the rear wheels. The only way to tell will be to get the car on a hoist.

As for getting at the rear shoes, you have to remove the rear caliper and its mounting bracket. Then you can pull the rotor to get at the shoes underneath.

As for the clunk in the steering ... it could be many things. Again, get the car in the air and have a knowledgeable mechanic check it out. Good Luck!

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A TSB is simply a bulletin to instruct the dealers how to repair certain items if they should come up on a customer's vehicle. They aren't they'll do it...just not for free.

I'd find an independent mechanic familiar with Lexus vehicles...

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Some dealers may take care of it for you, it just depends on the dealer and it depends on what kind of relationship they have with you. It's one of those times when having a good business relationship with a dealer really helps.

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