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Groaning Power Steering Pump

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started up last summer, and has pretty much stayed at the same level of groaning, which gets louder if i turn left or right. lwhen this first happened last summer, shop told me power steering fluid was low/leaking and that i needed a new high pressure hose. replaced that. then on next check up (recently), was told the valve gasket seal was leaking and getting engine sooty. so i fixed that. i still have a groaning ps pump. do i have to replace this? was told it was 'cosmetic', but it is annoying. was this caused by the loss of steering fluid last summer? (it was v. low on ps fluid for a few days, parked it..only drove it a few miles before taking it to shop after the groaning started). car drives fine as is, just that irritating little noise on turns. any thoughts on whether this can be repaired, rather than replaced totally? with labor, these are expensive to replace! i found ps pumps on ebay for 225, which is about 1/2 retail, but shops won't warranty any of these installed. thanks for feedback...

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the power steering pump problem is a the biggest problem for the 90-94 LS cars. you should change the whole pump since internal parts of the pump were affected by contamination when rubber parts in the pump desintegrated. if you wil do search you will find a lot of threads regarding this issue and most of the people ended up changin either pump or the whole pps set up

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