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Rx300 Alarm Goes Off Every Time I Leave Car

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When I turn the car off and get out, in a few seconds (5-10), the alarm goes off. Pressing the unlock button on the remote key stops it and I can them lock the car and set the alarm, but next time I start and stop the car, the same thing happens.

This started when some knucklehead (that would be me) left a light on and drained the battery all way to zero. I jump started it and the battery seems fine, but the alarm issue won't resolve.

A quick disconnect of the battery did not fix it and a longer disconnect (over 5 minutes) also did not. I also pressed the brake pedal while the battery was disconnected, for good measure.

It's a Lexus RX300, 1999 or 2000 model year.


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I found this link: alarm probl were you stated the same problem and eventually found a solution?

Anyway, you can try to reset the alarm by manually locking and opening the drivers door with the key a few times. Another possibility is your backup battery (the one for the alarmunit) going bad or the door/hood switches/latches not working properly (door ajar).

When you lock the door manually (like in your other post), the alarmsystem isn't set, therefore it will not go off.

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