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Which Steering Wheels Fit 2007Rx400H?

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I just bought a CPO 2007 RX400h which I love, but the birdseye maple trim is an ugly mustard yellow color (car is bamboo pearl with wood trim/ tan leather interior). I read the thread on dying the wood, but was wondering if I could just replace the trim pieces from another car with nicer wood tone. Does anyone know which steering wheels will fit this car as I have seen some ES and GS wheels on ebay? Can the trim pieces be found? Has anyone had experience with the B&I trim and/or steering wheel kits. B&I kits I am concerned that the stick on kits might not look nice enough.

thanks for the advice.

I saw a 45100-33760-eo from a 2009 ES350 on ebay for $50. Would this fit as an interim wheel while I refinish my original?

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Rich, someone with more knowledge that me might have an answer to your question, but if it were me I would visit a Lexus dealership and ask the service writer if you/he could ask a mechanic. No one else would have a much hands-on knowledge.

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I have an 06 which sadly didn't have any wood trim. I found a reddish wooden steering wheel on ebay and had my mechanic put it on. It was advertised as a wheel for 04-08 RX 330-350 but it fit my 400h. I also had erroneously bought one that looked exactly the same but it was for an ES 330...the only difference that I only saw when I really looked at it closely, was on the back of the wheel...mine needed "pegs" or "Male" type protruding fittings and the one that didn't fit had indented spots instead,"Female" for a lack of a better term. YOu CAN'T just replace the section that has wood...but there are companies that will convert your wheel to any wood that you like....I saw that also on line. Good luck. Rey

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All of the 04-09 Rx's with the tan interior have that light yellow birds eye maple trim, while all of the 04-09 Rx's with the gray or black interior have more of a brownish walnut trim. The pieces are identical minus the veneer used, so you could indeed swap them.

As for the steering wheels, unfortunately the factory 04-09 Rx steering wheel is the only one that will fit, UNLESS you replace the airbag. If you replace the airbag, you can upgrade to the 05-06 ES330 wheel, which is identical to the 06-07 GS300/430/350/460/450h wheel (both have same airbag). You could also upgrade to the 08-11 GS350/460/450h wheel, which uses an even newer airbag. And... you could also use the wheel for the 07-11 ES350, but the airbag has a different pattern on it. But the wheel itself again is identical to that of the 08-11 GS.

The Rx400h tan interior has black leather on the wheel, which is the same black shade for all the ones listed above.

But if you're only interested in the wood color (not specifically the design of the wheel) then try to find another 04-09 Rx wheel from one of a gray or black interior. This will give you the walnut trim. Then try to find the rest of the walnut trim for the 04-09 Rx's with the gray or black interior.

Good luck!

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