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Transmission Barely Pulling

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After a couple days of fluid change, stopped to get kids at daycare but when i was ready to leave the transmisson was barely pulling. Had to increase rev then it started crawling. Can someone please tell me what could be the problem? Spoke to mechanics who told me i might need a new transmission. prior to changing the fluid, it would slam when i put it into gear, mostly if it's still kinda cold.

It's been parked over a month during which i've been asking questions and a mechanic told me to try add more fluid and see what happens. Added two more quarts and seen a bit of difference. What should i do?

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92LS400 should have a miles on that. If the ATF hasnt replaced for along time, new ATF should washed all the seals in tranny and that may causing the leaks.

How did you changed the ATF? drain/refill or flushed system? what type of ATF is used?

You should drain the ATF in a clean bucket and inspect the color and smell also check if any particles in it.

put 2qt of dextron 3(check the manual for the right type), and check trany operation.

good luck

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