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Hello! I'm A New Lexus Owner!

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Hi Everyone!

I'm just excited to be a new Lexus owner! I'm picking up the car tomorrow! It is a Pearl White 2007 IS250 AWD with the Luxury Package and 18" G-Spider rim upgrades = ) Soo excited to pick up the car tomorrow... but a little bummed that the last owner didn't really know how to drive all that well and scratched EVERY rim!

Do you guys have any advice or experience with rim refinishing... especially with hyper silver coated rims??

anyhow just saying hello and glad to be here = )


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Thank you, I'm glad to be a member = )

Just an update. I picked up the car on Saturday from Lexus of London. The car looks great and drove very well on the 1.5 hour ride home as well. I really like the white with the tint an the sweet G-spider rims.

Thank you intakerGS but the curb rash on the rims are more severe than that. One rim actually has a small chip taken out of it... No idea how this person was driving but the rest of the car seems great.

Congrats on your new IS250 also Jay-C = )

I did notice something about the car on my drive home though. The side view mirrors are different colours. The driver side view mirror looks grey while the passenger side view mirror looks blue. Do you guys have any experience with this or know what might cause it? the car has the luxury package so it has the auto dimming rear and side view mirrors but both mirrors are ALWAYS different colours, even after being in the garage for a night.

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