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A/v Questions, Too Many To List.

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Hello everyone, this is my first post and though I have owned a few Lexi, I haven't had the luxury of this forum to help me with my problems (which are always few with this brand). I want to add a dvd system for the back seat (2nd row), but I have been quoted some astronomical numbers for such a system. I have seen some lower price points with a more DIY friendly setup, which is fine, but they also appear to be of lower quality. I also want to install an ipod interface and perhaps a lockpick. Has anyone had experiences with any of these they would like to share? This is actually my wifes vehicle, so I don't need perfect picture and sound with the DVD system, but I also don't want to be replacing/regretting it in a year either. Audiovox, Power acoutsik, Visualogic, and Pyle are some of the brands I am seeing, any thoughts? I know that the ipod interface can work hand in hand for a whole car audio input for the DVD system, but I don't even know if that is necessary?? I don't want to listen to Cars for the 3000th time while I am driving, right? Her GX is loaded, only lacking...... The RSES! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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