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Hey people, just wondering if someone can help me out understanding these throttle body models.. I own a 1999 Lexus ES 300 and im buying an intake for it, some are just normal intakes and some say they only fit twin throttle body models? So whats the deal with those before i buy the wrong one..

Help me out, much appreciated

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A twin throttle body intake requires that the car is already set up for two intakes and throttle bodies. Your ES has a single throttle body, while, say, a 1990 - 1996 Nissan 300ZX has a dual setup, a separate air intake snorkel to each bank of cylinders, and a separate throttle body for each side.

A dual setup is not any better than a single, its just that a dual setup allows for smaller parts to be used on each side of the car, making it fit under the hood better in most cases. Google engine pics for a 90 300ZX and you'll see the dual throttle body setup, where the air intake tubes from the forward air cleaner in the nose of the car, end up at the throttle bodies, one on either side just back of the radiator.

Unless you're going to dump major dollars into your engine, you're best to stay with the stock single unit that your car came with. Good Luck with whatever you're trying to do.

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