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#2 Cyl Does Not Fire.. Help

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2000 RX300 w/AWD - No Navigation

I have had, what most people refer to as a sludge problem, where oil is passing by the valve guide/seal on the #2 cylinder. Now, after an incident where I lent it to someone, they used regular fuel which lead to more than normal oil passing thru.. The Check engine light was on/flashing, OverDrive wasnt engaging, and an obvious miss in the engine. Pulled the # 2 plug, and deposits as expected on it...

Now, I replaced the spark plug with the #4 plug & coil, put another plug into the #4 cyl along with the #2 coil, and the #2 cylinder still does not fire. Tested by removing the connection on the #4 coil, which resulted in a worsened firing situation, then after replacing the #4 connection, I removed the #2 connection which had a no-change result. The Only trouble code is: "P0302, Misfire detected in Cyl #2"

Would this be an ECM situation, as there may have been an electrode to ground short due to excessive oil build up on the plug?... OR??? After resetting the ECM, OD works till the code comes back on, then no OD

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There area couple of documents that may help locate your issue at the following link"

I would start with the Ignition file and then move on to the Engine Mechanical. I hope this is helpful. Good luck!

Thanks!! These files will surely get me somewhere with this issue.. Much Appreciated!

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I have had an opportunity to do some diagnosing on the RX300..

I took out the coil, and attached a spark tester. There IS a spark, and a healthy looking one too.

So, the next step was to take out the new plug, see whats happening in there. It showed some fuel, as well it had smelled like it as such. Fuel injectors working..

Next, i did a compression test. First result was ~70psi. retested, ~65psi. Tested the #4 cyl for a control. Its results were ~160psi. Retested #2 for another time, and resulted with ~65psi again..

conclusion is that the oil contamination within cylinder #2 has, is some way, jeopardized the compression integrity within the cylinder, and has resulted in a low compression & misfire.

IF this is a result of rings sticking, which is my thinking, what would you recommend I use to 'wash' out the cylinder?

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