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Help Us Chose Between Land Cruiser Vs Lx470

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Good day to all,

My brother in law is looking to buy a land cruiser and he ask me to help him chose since I also own lx470. I dont know which option will be better so I am posting here.

He found 2 vehicles

1. 1998 Land cruiser with 124k miles(100 series same as 2000 lx470) exterior white and interior gray(I personally like beige color, to me beige color is more refreshing to look at vs gray). price 10500

2. 2000 Lx470 exterior green interior beige. price 16500,miles 80k

All the major maintenance has been done on both vehicles. (major maintenance done on both, timing belt, drive, water pumps, brakes and rotors, new tires)

Land cruiser good: $6000 less

Lx470 good: 2 years newer and 44k miles less (lexus vs toyota but I think this is debatable since land cruiser and lx470 are pretty much the same and holds the value similarly for used models), bad 6000$ more.

Do you recommend paying extra 6000 to get lx470 or he should instead buy a land cruiser?


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If I'm not mistaken, the LX470 comes with adjustable hydraulic suspension. Although a great feature in terms of refinement & comfort, it's est. lifespan is around 10 years or 100K miles. I believe the accumulators can be a very expensive part to replace (if they fail that is). Then again, there are a lot of LX's with very high milage and no AHC suspension probs. at all.

These are very reliable and wonderful build cars, both sharing the same technical roots. From a luxury- and perhaps cosmetic perspective, the LX is a bit more handsome in my opinion. Although I believe the landcruiser can handle the high milage easily, I would opt for less milage, so 80K miles and 2 years younger for the LX seems more attractive.

With above in mind, it's perhaps more economical to buy the landcruiser in terms of overall costs and future repairs, but I still would prefer the LX.

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