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New To The Is250/350

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My name is Steve, I just ran into a problem with my Jeep Liberty, the engine suddenly had a misfire and pretty much blew the engine. Not having enough time or money to throw into it, I just want to get a new car and have it sit as a project. A am very familiar with cars/trucks, we own a Toyota Solara and had a Lexus RX330. My Jeep Liberty had a 4 inch lift on it and a lot of other modifications.

But anyways, my question is, I have been looking on craigslist in my area, and I am looking for a 98-04 IS300, but they are in the 8-10k range with over 100,000 miles. When I did a search on a 250/350, the prices were like $3000-$5900 and usually under 65,000 miles on there anything that could be wrong with them. The title says they are perfect running order, but from you guys should know what is going on under the hood of these cars, electrically, mechanically or anything. I am hoping to get this vehicle by the end of the month. On another note, these are either RWD or AWD, im finding them all.

Just throw out any problems that these newer IS models have and I will most likely shoot the seller with those problems and see what it might have, because $3000 is really low for a 05+ lexus.

Thank you, Steve

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