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Should I Purchase This 05 Sc430


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Hello everyone, a newbie here, but I am looking forward to joining the Lexus Club.

I am in the hunt for a used Lexus Sc430, and have witteled it down to a 2005 Sc430 with 17,000 miles.

The car is in superb condition, all original, no issues, no dents or scrapes and a perfect car fax.

My question, is this car worth 26K,or should I be looking at a newer version of this car, say a 07 that has some improvements.

This is a US car, and I'm in Canada, where they are considerably more money, so I've got a few extra costs to get it home.

Any advise or things I should look for would be greatly appreciated.

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Just go for a Certified Pre-Owned if you can afford it, then you're guaranteed. I've seen Lexuses as old as 2005s w/ CPO warranties, so if you're willing to get a more recent year it should be easy, but I highly reccomend the warranty because the Lexus V8 is actually considerably trouble prone, a dissapointment as I've researched it for years hearing it was bulletproof, and then I finally buy an SC400 (pretty much the same engine), only to find out that it's very common to have trouble with many of the engine's accessory parts, but at least the engine itself is solid,short story, do whatever you can to get that guaranteed warranty.

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I just purchased a 2006 SC430 in the U.S.A. and brought it back to Canada in the last 2 weeks. If you are getting an 05 with 17,000 miles for $17,000 it sounds like a good deal.

The Lexus Certified designation may help to assure you that the car is in good shape however I would caution you about the following 2 things:

1) The Lexus Certified Preowned designation is only available from a Lexus dealer and they generally ask a lot more for their cars.

2) While any remaining factory warranty is transferrable to Canada a Lexus Certified warranty is not.

Good luck.

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I spent 4 months looking for the car that I finally purchased. If the 05 with 17000 miles on it that you are considering is really nice and you have confirmed that it has a clean carfax and that it has not had any body or paint work done on it (this does not always show up in a carfax and is best determined by paint meter readings) then it is my feeling that $26000 is a reasonable price

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The bumper to bumper warranty was 48 months or 50, 000 miles so I am sure that it will have expire. The power train warranty is 72 months or 70,000 miles so depending on when the car was registered there may be some time left on it and it will be honoured in Canada.

It is possible to purchase an extended warranty for your car. You can not extend the original Lexus warranty however I was able to purchase a 4 year, 80,000 km waranty through my Lexus dealer for about $3000 and the beauty of this warranty is that if you do not make any claims they refund $2000 to you.

I don't know if every Lexus dealer has access to this specific warranty.

Hope that this helps

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