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Key - Repair

KEY - Repair  

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  1. 1. KEY Repair, how to

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i have had 3 of 4 remote keys (the ones with the buttons)break apart when twisted in the ignition. for a 2001 and a 2003 lexus.the se can be repaired for about $3 using a two part liguid steel from Big Lots.

The shell that the key was attached to (with button holes)was used to form a solid structure utilyzing the battery unit.The edge of the battery/button unit is first sanded, then the inner edge of the shell with the button holes. if the key has broken from the shell it should be first reattached using minimal liquid steel along the broken edges only.

plug the screw hole with a tooth pick, for later removal

mix the liquid steel and using a toothpick or nail apply a thin coat to the inner edge of the key shell (do not apply any to the inner surface that will mesh with the button side/face). apply a thin coat to the edge of the battery/button unit.

put the shell and the battery/button unit together and then separate them. now remove any liquid that has migrated to the inner face of the shell around the button holes.remove any liquid from the face of the button unit. put the shell and the battery/button unit together again, but not two firmly.

next inspect the assembled unit from the button side removing any liquid (using toothpicks or pins), if any, from around each button key or they will not operate when it hardens.

the bonding of the two units creates a super strong unit that will not break.

next inspect the assembled unit from the battery side removing any liquid from around the edge that will seat with the back shell. it is a good time to test that the back cover fits properly assuring that all parts are properly seated. now remove the two screws to the battery cover and the battery cover and make certain that there is no liquid interfering with it. place the key with the battery facing down and the buttons facing up.

the liquid (more a paste) will set in about 20 minutes and reach full cure in 24 hours.

you may wish to revisit the cleaning before this happens. although a paste the liquid tends to continue flowing before setting. the edge of a razor blade is good for scrapping or nicking out undesired buildup.

next day remove the toothpick from the screw hole, reassemble the unit and forget about spending big bucks to replace the key(s). k

I hope to be able to add photos when i strenghten the last unbroken key.

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one of my 99's came with a cracked case, I bought another case off ebay and transferred the "inners" to the new key, had it cut for the ignition, and I noticed a weakness in the structure, taught my wife how to hold the new key close to the shaft, and we have had no more trouble... that is about the only "weakness" in a Lexus....

and I have a spare emergency key.

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