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Two 1998 Gs 300 Questions

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Hi everyone,

Two GS300 questions today. The first is a brake question. My 98 recently started leaking brake fluid. I took it to a Lexus repair shop and they told me that three O rings needed to be replaced in the master cylinder. They replaced the O rings @ 137.00. I took the car home and it still leaked.

I called them back and they told me what I didn't want to hear. The next step would be a new Master Cylinder. I already knew that it is a 1000.00 plus job. I decided to deal with the leak and just add brake fluid. The brake light went on this morning. I added about six ounces of brake fulid and the problem is solved for now anyway. Has anyone here had this problem?

The second problem is with the locking steering column. The column locks and the key won't turn in the ignition. Any fix for this. It has never happened to me, but my wife has had it happen several times. I told her that she may have too many keys on her ring. Any help on the issues would be appreciated.



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