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Resetting Tire Pressure Lights After Tire Change?

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This light went on after snow tires were there a reset? It went on in my other 2006 after a sensor stem broke and got switched out with a regular stem.can regular tire guys replace these if I get the part?

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Each wheel (including the spare tire on certain vehicles) has a tire pressure warning

valve/sensor integrated into the air valve with a unique ID number that measures the tire pressure and tire temperature and then transmits the information to the antenna/receiver mounted inside the vehicle through a radio wave signal. The unique ID number must be manually entered into the ECU using TIS Techstream whenever the tire pressure warning valve/sensor is replaced or after a tire and wheel are exchanged.The Tire Pressure Warning System Indicator Light on the combination meter is illuminated or flashes continuously when the ECU senses that the tire pressure, tire temperature, and/or unique ID number does NOT match the specified value registered in the ECU. The “MAIN/2nd” switch allows the owner to have two different sets of tires and wheels,

with two different sets of tire pressure warning valve/sensor ID numbers. For example,

the second set would be used for snow tires. Register both the main and the second set

of tire pressure warning valve/sensor ID numbers in the TPWS ECU. The switch is available in the Glove Compartment when you depress it, it reads the values for the 2nd Tire settings, which is normally for Snow ride. Hope this helps.

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