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Heating Problem Rx300, Help

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I own a Lexus Rx300 2002, the problem is that it doesn't heat properly inside. The fan is blowing air, it sounds like crazy but actually it blows an small amount of air and it isn't hot as it suppose to be, it's just warm. I don't know how to fix it, checked the changed the air filter but it wasn't the case.

If i let the air from outside to flow inside the interior "sweats" (condensation of air on the inside of the windshield).

What can it be? Are there any other filters to check? Thanks.

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Take the cover off below the glove box and then take the glove box (and door) assy. off. Then you should be able to see all 3 of the actuator motors that control the heat, AC, position the heat or AC comes out of and the blend of the temps to provide what you've set it at. Go through all the modes and temp changes and watch the different arms for movement. The glove box and lower cover are easy to get off.

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Attached is a couple of docs that will help with the self diagnosis of the A/C system. You may have a problem with the servos located behind the glovebox. Generally, you will hear a clicking noise behind the dash on the passenger side that will confirm the problem (but not necessarily). Also attached is documentation on the A/C system that will help you with the replacement. Servo part numbers:

mode servo 87106-30371

air mix servo 87106-30340

I hear it is best to replace both at the same time if one has a problem. There is also a recirculation servo. I did not replace this one when at the same time as the others and it has not been a problem It is on the other side of the air handler. Good luck!

Auto A:C-Heater system.rtf

A:C System.pdf

A_C Self Diagnostic.pdf

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