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What do you guys suggest I use to keep my tires shiney and new looking? I have been using an Armor All product called "Extreme Tire Shine Gel." It works well, goes on easier than sprays, but doesn't last long, maybe a week or two. I finished the bottle this evening and am wondering if there is something better.


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I never use tire dressings since many (most?) tire makers specifically recommend against them. Maybe some are safe but I don't know:

I just wipe the outside of the tires down with a towel each time I wash my car - that keeps them looking pretty good. I also don't allow my cars to be washed or the interior cleaned when I take a car in for service. From my experience, most damage at repair shops and dealerships is caused by clean up crews.

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Previous I loved Zaino versus the armor all look... more matte

just tried this and it i think it is the best a more natural longer lasting tire prep and not the synthetic crap that you have to clean off. used on my wifes rs 350 and my es 350

it works just ensure you properly clean the tires to remove all previous crap on 'em--- my tires still look good after month of rian and they redid roads i ahve to go through over--dust city for a month... just wash em and have not reapplied the clearcoat shine again.... looks gr8

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