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lexis lexus

Won't Run

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Hi all,

Well I've been working slowly on my '94 es 300 112k which was giving me knock sensor codes, and was overheating every 400 miles.

I took off the top, replaced the head gaskets, knock sensors, plugs, fuel injector o rings, intake and plenum gaskets and put it back together (took about 6 weeks to do this due to work, weather, travel, and broken bolts).

Tried to start it up today, ran poorly for about a minute then died.

No codes showing now.

I'm thinking the timing belt is off. I goofed initially and never put it in top dead center position before disconnecting things, and so when I got to taking the timing belt and cam shafts off, I found I couldn't put it in neutral as re connecting the battery did nothing. So I just painted lines all over the place, on the cam shafts, timing belt, cam gears. When I put it back together, I made sure everything lined up just so, but....

Other theories I have include some problem in the fuel lines. I also had problems reconnecting the egr pipe from the exhaust to egr cooling plate, and ended up sealing it with jb weld (there is no f-ing way to get to that w/out pulling the block!x#%) but I doubt even some leakage there would cause it to run so roughly and then die.

I walked away disgusted, decided to think about it and send this in for any thoughts or feed back.

All help welcome.


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