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Tpms Question (Another One)

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Hi all, I replaced my 2006 GS430 wheels with wheels off a sc430 with winter tires on them. The wheels have the sensors in them, but yes the idoit lights are on.

What I have read is that I need to take the car to the dealer where they will have to remove the tires to get some #'s. After this they will program. Is this right?

My other Lexus is a RX and I just changed the wheels (no sensors in the winter set) hit the switch and no idoit lights on!

Is there an easier way? I don't care about the the whole concept anyway.


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I believe there are two types of Lexus sensors, i believe the ones pre-07 and another type for 07-present. Not sure if they're interchangeable.

Also, on your RX, did you say they're supposed to have them but you're currently running them with no sensors? The light may be off for now, but the next time you drive in D for at least 20 minutes the warning indicator will come on. There's no way to avoid it...

Your dealer can determine if they can register the SC wheel sensors to your GS.

Believe me, if there was a way to delete the system all together i would have it done to mine! :angry:

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