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Newer Than A Newbie

Recommended Posts new I haven't bought my (wife's) car yet. This coming Friday (yep, day after Thanksgiving) I'm expecting to buy this 2005 LX 470:

I thank the membership in advance for providing me with an extended list of items to look at before completing the purchase. It's been very helpful to troll through the existing threads, particularly with regard to the AHC fluid and functionality, whether the coolant's ever been replaced, etc. We had an older LC and I already know to check the carpets at the base of the B pillar for dampness/mildew.


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Welcome to the club cheers.gif

Thanks, DC. This car was obviously a status symbol in the O.C. It's about to become used and abused at 4,000 ft. between Nevada City and Lake Tahoe. We have a 26% grade that's currently loaded up with 3' of slush that's turning to ice and I simply can't make the woman walk the half mile/300' elevation gain every day.

I know, I'm a real mensch.

After I get it, I'll post pics/video of an LX 470 pushed to it's very limits...

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I'm two hours to trigger-pull time and am very nervous. Drove the car yesterday. It drives just fine. It's priced about 5-7 k less than others its vintage and mileage. My concerns:

- No records and even the owner says Lexus hasn't serviced the vehicle (oil is clean.) Has a hand-written receipt for a battery and alternator (!) (I am in an ethnically pure section of LA where it seems everyone knows everyone and a lot of these things are done under the table.)

- Seats, rims and carpets are all grimy

- Telescoping antenna doesn't retract fully

- Low range works but the light doesn't come on in the dash indicating it's in Low.

- Little paint chips on front of car.

- Hydraulic ride height seemed to raise the rear of the truck first, then the front. What does that mean?

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