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Engine Heistation Problems


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Just purchased a 1994 ES300 172,000 miles. This is my first Lexus, I have owned Benz up until now. Anyway, ran great when it picked it up but on the third day it developed a hesitation, almost a 'bucking' if you tried to accelerate slowly, and the Engine Oil Lamp came on as well.

The Engine oil lamp only light intermittetly, so I am holping that it means it just set a code. (This is the lamp with the picture of the oil can, not a lamp that says 'check engine') It seems that the lamp kind of 'flickers' when it is on, according to RPM. Oil was just changed in it before I picked it up. I was thinking of switching to a straight weight oil (30W or 40W), as I have always had good success with these in all my other vehicles.

Drove the car from Texas to PA, lamp was off pretty much the entire time, except when at idle speed(about 8000 RPM) when I was pulling in to or out of Gas station.

The 'bucking' has me a little more concerned. :( Let me try to describe it.

When pulling out slowly, the car hesitates like it is going to stall, but doesn't. If you push the accelerator to the floor, it kicks the transmission down and pulls out fine. It does the same thing when you are in gear coasting at at a slower speed and apply the gas slowly.

I have tried manually shifting the transmission, but that makes no difference.

After reading some other forums, I did inspect the air intake tube(?). There was a very small crack in the end of it, but where it connected to the front valve cover was broken almost completely off. I have taped this as a temporary fix, and it is selaed very tight, but there is no difference.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for all the replies in advance!

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i would say replace the hose then reset the ecu by disconnecting the battery terminal. How much tranny fluid do you have?

also use an engine flush and change the oil in case the oil pressure sender is sticking. Then replace with synthetic.

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The tranny filter is a steel mesh about 70 from the dealer so it is better to clean in varsol and replace.

i am not sure how much the hose goes for. i have one but wasn;t thinking of selling it as i replaced my whole intake system with a cold air intake a few years ago.

Use the oem toyota filters and mobil 1 or castrol synthetic almost any will do . I use penzoil engine flush once a year as it helps clean the crap out of it and quiets the sticking lifters.

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Just wanted to check back in and thank all those for their input.

Solved the hesitation and oil pressure problem today.

Upon examination, found the wiring harness that led to the Oil pressure switch and the crank sensor had been put on the incorrect side of a bracket, probably when a timing belt was changed at some point in time. One of each of the wires was worn bare, the crankshaft sensor being almost worn the entire way through. Stripeed and retaped them individually, put hem back in the harness, moved them to behing the bracket for the alternator, and engine started fine and ran great. All the power I anticipated.

So thanks again to all! :lol:

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Glad you got a n easy and cheap fix.

The mesh is metal but the flush will not clean it out . It would really only trap more particles in there. It is only about 15 1 inch bolts to undo ( thank god for air and electric tools. And anotehr 3 to drop the filter from the valve body itself

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