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Gs300 Shakes On Acceleration

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Hey guys,

So I have a 2001 lexus GS300 with 125K on the clock. Just a while ago I had to replace the passenger side ball joint. The car was shaking and clunking pretty bad so I replaced the ball joint, remachined the rotors and changed the pads. The car was back up to normal and driving smooth as butter. Then about 1 month later it started to shake again. It shakes on acceleration but eventually stops when you get to a constant speed. It also shakes when you brake. I have new bf goodridge on them that pomps tire's put on and they rebalanced them twice all ready and it took me 2 freaken hours just to have them balance it, thats from the time the took the tires off to the time they put it back on only 3 hours or so total. Anyways I took it to a mechanic's shop and they didn't know what it was. They checked everything, said everything look good and felt tight. Jack her up and let it free spin on the jacks and didn't notice and vibration or wobbling of the tires. They also test drove it and said theres was a problem. But no noise or anything that they can physically see. All they said was maybe to replace the brakes. But brakes don't cause wobbling on accelerations. They said just keep driving it until it gets worse but I'm getting sick of it. Any ideas? Should I just take it into the Toyota dealer and have them check it out? or Go to a place that does suspension work?

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It's possible your bushings or struts are worn. You can't always 'feel' this by hand, but it's noticeable with accelerating- or brakingforce. If this isn't the case, you might have issues with the drivetrain/axles etc. Did you perform a 4 wheel allignment as well?

When a ball-joint is worn, it's good practice to replace both, as they might have a similar lifespan. Take the car to a proper dealer/shop for inspection.

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When test drove my car at the dealer (2000 GS400 130,000KM) it had new tires and felt great. Before I picked it up I had the dealer put on the snow tires that were in the trunk (Winter was due to arrive).

I got on the freeway and I thought the entire car was going to shake apart. The snow tires looked OK, they had about half tread life left, but were shot. I had my local service guy drive it (Ford dealer no less) and he said right away that its tires. New snows - no more shake.

Having said that - check that other ball joint.

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