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Going To See A Gs300 For Sale - What Should I Look For?

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I'm going to see a a GS300 tonight for sale (actually 2nd time I'm going to see the car). It is owned by the original owners. It has 96K on the clock.

As for body cond. it is good, no rust. The major work last done was at 60K which included the plugs. Garage kept.

What I'm looking to know is what should I be on the lookout for? I did test drive it and it ran great.

Also after driving the car I smelled the trans fluid and it smelled like a sweet smell and was pink. The steering fluid to my surprise

was clear yellowish (thought it would be pink), but had a sweetish smell.

One thing that did catch my guard was a sound like a pump turning on for a few seconds (twice while driving the car). Could it be the

steering pump? Not sure about that one.

Thanks in advance!


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The one bad thing I can think of is the brake-master cylinder, in terms of 'known' problems. This can be a very expensive part to replace. The BMC was improved when lexus introduced the 2001 model. Depending on the year, this may be something to look into. Keep in mind that there are a lot of pre 2001 models without any problem at all.

Another thing to consider is the AC system/compressor. With a regular serviced and maintained AC system, problems in that direction are less likely.

I'm not sure about your description re. the pump. It could be that the brake system is building up pressure, but it shouldn't be that loud.

When it's the powersteering, turn the wheel all the way L&R, then you might hear a 'groaning' sound.

Like all cars I owned, no matter what service or maintenance, the first thing I do is to refresh all major fluids: AT, oil, differential, brake fluid, powersteering, to manufacturer standards, just to be safe. Have a look at the famous balljoints too.

It sounds like a well maintained car, it should keep you on the road for many miles.

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