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Hopeful 98 Sc400 Owner

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How goes it everybody?

My name is Svein, I am 19 and currently have an 06 Honda Civic Ex with Mods.

My parents told me I need to take over payments (455$)

I find that extremely high so I dug around looking for cheaper vehicles.

I found the Lexus SC400 1998 at a local dealer for 5500 with 129K miles. (Anyone know how many miles I can expect out of it before it croaks?)

I plan on trading in my civic and trying to get a decent value maybe 8-9.5k

There are some mods I have seen that look fantastic and I did the work to my Civic. (only a double din Kenwood Nav deck and subs)

I really hope I can get accepted for Financing on this car because I have already started looking at stuff I can do to it.

Sad life though, gotta take all the hard work i put into the Civic out, but put it into a nicer car. (My opinion atleast)

Civic is good gas mileage but I want something with a little more Class.

There Is this guy that lives in my town with an Sc 300, So I figured Id get the 400 which is faster? (sorry new to lexus) Deck it out and make it my baby.

thanks for having me.

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