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Strut Rod Bushings Polyurethane 95-2000 Ls400

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Hi, I put these on my 99 for 3 weeks, pulled them off and went back OEM. I didnt like them, I like a softer ride. If you want a "sports car" ride, more firm, you might like these.

Jasonm said:my poly strut rod bushings are great and I am slammed on megans...I like the solid feel, It wasnt too hard like you described. I get a good response from the car and the road but I guess everyone gets that feeling a different way. Just sell them used on the LS400 classifieds for half price.

SO, here they are. from



2 x Lexus LS 400 (94-00) Front Strut Rod Bushing (ADUS #531) = $78.90


Discount Coupon FGY42Q 5% applied: -$3.95

Sub-Total: $74.96

FedEx Ground (Shipping less than 1.78 Pounds to Texas, United States ): $10.39

Total: $85.35

FOR SALE $40.00 mailed to your house. in the USA

post-5365-090830800 1288992548_thumb.jpg

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