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1996 Sc300 Automatic To Manual Transmission Swap


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i have been searching for hours. sorry if this is already done but help a guy out please.i see plenty about swapping engines in this car my 2jzge is fine just want info on swaping a manual transmission into it. can i buy new rebuilt or what? im hoping for a full parts list from someone who has done this and estimates.maybe a tutorial with pics though hours of googleing my brains out has turned nothing back for me. i know it can be done since this year had an manual model. its a 1996 sc300 2jzge where can i get a trany for it what parts will i need? how hard is it? what are the disadvantages? ect.ect.ect. just have not had a good google day guys i have exhausted my eyes reading thread after thread of junk that did not answer my question. everybody keeps saying turbo it. im not looking for raw hp just a manual transmission. because i miss having a manual transmission. i could not find a stock one in houston or i would have got one to begin with. but i found an auto in fantastic condition with custom leather and nice wheels at a stupid cheap price. so to make it my own the first mod is the manual swap. thats it let the info flow guys i dug through this forum almost 40 pages and nothing. help.

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