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Hood Struts From Parts Avenue

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Hey guys.......Agent 99 here B)

LONG TIME since I've been on the board!

I was doing my annual PS FLUID, TRANNY DRAIN work last month and finally decided I was tired of having a stick hold up the hood on my 99. It had been failing since early spring.

Anywho, I ordered PART # 612200-98 Strut Hood Shocks from Parts Avenue (off Ebay) and just installed them using a 12mm open wrench - took 15 minutes. No drilling out the old struts, just unbolted both ends from the hood and the frame to remove the old ones, and installed the new ones. Threaded the LOWER portion of the new strut on first, then went up to the hood section to bolt it on. Very easy. $30 plus $6 shipping.

Lexus dealer still wants $125 for one strut, and a wheeler dealer price of $90 EACH for a pair -- YIKES!

Just a new reminder of an OLD topic here on LOC.............

Hope all is well with a bunch of my old buddies! My LS400 has 135K and running well. I think I'll finally put some new Spark Plugs in this month before it gets too cold.

Take care and be safe,

Agent 99 (99 LS GUY)

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DC........good to be vertical YES (Yoda verbage :lol: )

Thanks for the note. :cheers:

Pretty good website for discounted goodies for our LS's......I've got it bookmarked!

Only tool needed is a 12mm open end wrench and a stick to hold the hood up :) . After you get the first strut installed, you can remove the stick :lol:

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