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Coach Ed. Seats In '97 Ls

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The drivers seat on my '97LS with 190k is starting to wear and be uncomfortable. I have located a salvage yard seat from a '97LS Coach Edition. I know that the floor mounting bolts will line up, my question is the electrical connections. Will they be the same plugs? Lexus dealer says they should be, based on the VIN of my car and the salvage car but is hesitant to say for sure. In addition, the difference is in the cover. I presume the color (Oak)will be close enough. I believe the Coach seat has perforated areas and may look like a different "die lot". This is ok since I will be more comfortable and looking out the windshield rather than under my rear.

Any thoughts, knowledge or opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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When i had my Rx300, i swapped the seats for another Rx300's coach edition seats. Both my 03 Rx and the donor 02 Rx CE had the same seat controls and heated seats, and all the plugs were identical. Only difference was the perforated leather.

My guess is that it's the same for the LS.

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