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Installing Own Ballast

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I managed to buy a ballast off ebay, but I'm not really sure how to install it myself. Does anybody know how to?


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Oh yeah. <_<

You'll need to remove the front bumper to gain access to the headlight in question.

But believe it or not, it's not that hard to remove the bumper and re-install. The bumper for the Rx330/350 is a little different from the bumper of the Rx400h, but i'd imagine it comes off the same way. There's a few bolts (10mm) at the bottom of the bumper, and one...well, let me make a diagram. (ignore red arrow in this pic)


Remove the clips holding the wheel well liner to the fenders, and pull the liner away from the side adjacent to the front bumper, just enough to get your hands in there. Remove the rest of the clips/bolts/screws and the bumper will come off. Pull "outwards".

WARNING. Put masking tape here, on both sides:


As when you remove some of the bolts, the edge of the bumper will go UP and potentially scratch your fenders in this area. So just mask it off where i have it red and it will be protected.

Once you've removed the bumper, you should be able to see the bottom of each headlight. there will be a square panel (the size of the ballast) that you'll need to unscrew and pull downwards, separating it from the headlight. Then, remove the ignitor from the back of the bulb (rotate counter-clockwise and pull out) and switch the ballast.

Here are some pics of the Rx headlight that might help:

Can you share the details as to why you need to replace your ballast? Does your RX have factory HID and you just need to replace a broken one? Or are you trying to convert? If so, it's a different procedure...

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