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Fan Assembly In Heater Quit After Months Of "chirping"

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Hi, I have a 98 Lexus GS 300. After months of the fan chirping (many times, even when fan was turned off) it has finally given way to nothing. I do have heat coming out of the vents, however so definitely know (or hope) that it's not the heater coil.

What I mean by "chirping" is just the noise I kept hearing in my dash, as noted above, both on and off auto mode. First I lost the left side now the right is gone. Frome what I have read, it may be both units have gone out? My display has also lost it's external temperature display as well!

Any ideas before I have to take to mechanic? Is this a fairly easy fix for a knowledgeable backyard mechanic or should it go in? Does the dash have to come out totally for this?

I have 168,000 on this and my husband used the air quite heavily before he bought his truck and gave this to me.

So to recap

1. Chirpping noise for almost a year but everything worked (sounds like squeaky wheels)

2. Left side quit producing air 1 month ago. Chirping dimished, didn't go away totally

3. Right side quite producing air this morning.

4. Display shows temp on both sides as well as fan speed but lost the external temp display

5. Still have "heat" emitting from r side vent (center) when unit turned off and bit on left side as well


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I was a Chrysler tech for 14 years and have heard more blower motors chirp than I know what to do with. But the LExus cars of ours are different mosnters of sorts. If one side still had air but not the other maybe it has a actuator out that controls the doors for the dual zone. Not sure what you mean by "producing" air though. Is the blower motor still working?

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