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92Ls400 Shifter Sloppy

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Good Morning List.

I have looked through many, many threads to see if anyone has attempted to tighten (or remove) the sloppiness from the gear selector in these first gen cars. My LS has about 200K miles and the shifter is sloppy, but I am not sure how one goes about replacing the bushings, or even if there is a way to do this. None of the other forums I checked have anything, so if there is any kind soul in here who has attempted this, can you post your experience?

I have gotten as far a removing the covering plate (wooden shiny bit), and the shift indicator plate, but that's as far as I can get without breaking something, I think! Do I need to get under the car and remove the neutral start shift switch also?



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There are rubber components in the shifter which wear over time and could be replaced but is it worth the effort and expense of doing so?

There is also I believe a workshop approved method of adjustments for the shift.

There have been topics on converting the early shifts to the gated type used on later models but it is purely cosmetic.

If your shift is working correctly I would leave it alone, once I have selected the position I need that's it I don't keep my hand on the shift knob and see if it wobbles.

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Hi Steve2006,

Thank you for the reply. My shifter is pretty sloppy to the point where the indicator does not really point to the correct gear. I think this may be due to the bushings, or more likely due to the neutral start switch (not sure which one) since the problem began after I had my transmission redone.

Besides, it is a Lexus, and I feel the darn thing should be tight! I had redone the shifter (manual) on my VW GTi and it was worth it, although the VW seemed to be fairly straightforward. Not sure with the LS, though!


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There are actually two, one on each side of the rod the shifter rotates on. You can replace them from inside the car too, I did mine about a year ago. One was worn, the other was completely gone. The dealer can show you a breakdown of the assembly so you can see where they go, then just take it apart and go, pretty easy.

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