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Debating Warranty Extension

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Hi All,

Had a dream for years to own a Lexus, and that day has finally come (for years I had a company car - I was downsized recently). Anyway, I have an 06 GS 300 AWD W/O nav or levinson but pretty much everything else. It has 101km (62.5k miles) on it and runs like a champ - although I have two questions:

1. The transmission isn't as fast at downshifting - or shifting for that matter - as the reviews on the car would make it seem. There is an obvious delay while it searches for a gear after I punch it from a rolling start. Also, there seems to be a slight shudder when gently accelerating from a full stop. Is this normal? I thought I should unplug the battery for a while to reset the computer since the previous owner was likely an extremely passive driver.

2. I still have some powertrain warranty left. I am thinking of a really good after market warranty policy that after taxes will be about $3500 for 3yrs/60KM (37k miles). I bought reliability with this car, but it is an AWD which screams expensive if repair is needed. Any thoughts?

Apologies if these topics were presented already

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its not really worth it .. i have the same car and the same issues with the shifting that you spoke of . I think because its a heavy car there is that delay with the shifting (or i could be wrong).. My extended warranty ends in 11 months and I havent used it yet. hope this helps

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