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Emergency Brake Shoe Clip

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So I replaced all 4 discs and sets of pads this weekend on my wife's 2006 GX470. In the process of getting the rear rotors off I managed to pop off one of those little spring and clip apparatuses which hold the ebrake shoes to the rest of the housing.

I only today learned that a guy should back those ebrake shoes down with the adjuster before pulling the rotors off. Will keep that in mind for next time...

Anyway, I was trying to get the clip secured again and after 45 minutes I just put the rotor on without the clip in there. I can hear it rubbing on the rotor when the car moves so I want to get it put back on. Problem is that the rear wheel hub is in the way such that I cannot gain access to the nether-regions where this clip needs to be squished down and turned 90 degrees to lock the pin in.

Surely a guy does not need to remove the entire axle to get at these minor braking parts????

I don't have it apart anymore to look, but is there maybe a hole thru the hub that would allow for some special tool to be inserted to get that clip pushed on and twisted over the pin?

Any help here would be much appreciated.

Also the last place we took the car to for an oil change forgot (don't ask me how) or didn't tighten the 6th lug nut on the wheel and it is now missing in action - where could I buy one OEM lugnut?


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Ok guys, I was able to get this piece back on. There is indeed a small hole in the hub that when rotated to the proper position, I could fit a nut driver through it to push the front clip in while I shoved the pin through from the back and turned the clip 90 degrees to secure the whole thing. I did have to get the bottom clip, spring, and top clip in behind the hub (the spring held all 3 pieces in place til I could get the nut driver through the hole).

All is good again in Lexus GX470 brakeland!

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By the way, I learned a lot while doing this brake job, but it was all pretty easy. The hardest thing was getting the old rotors off the front. Knowing what I know now about the back rotors, I would rotate the hub+rotor til the inspection hole is at the bottom, then spin the adjuster thing until the inside parking shoes are as loose as they could get, then use bolts in the threaded holes of the rotor to push it loose (much like a gear-puller).

I used a hand squeeze clamp with the rubber on the claws to push the pistons back into the calipers (after unscrewing the cap of the brake fluid reservoir).


Hope this helps someone in the future.

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