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lexis lexus

Left Exhaust Manifold

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I'm working on the 1mz-fe of my '94 es300 w/ 112k, trying to fix the knock sensor codes and intermittant overheating.

When I last posted I'd decided to lift the heads and replace the gaskets while I was down there.

Front (right) head was first and was not a problem, just step by step.

Rear (left) is posing a problem.

I can't seem to find a way to get the ex manifold off. The ex man to head bolts seem inaccessable, and altho the exh manifold to downpipe nuts are accessable, I can't seem to budge them at all (multiple drenching w/ l wrench, and one application of heat). These nuts don't appear to be welded to the flange but do look sort of strange (for nuts).

Has anyone had success removing the left head? If so, how did you get the ex man off.


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