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Gx470 Faqs


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I've cleaned up this forum a bit to make it easier to find information around here. I'm going to try and post common questions and information about the GX470 model here. If anyone has any problems or concerns feel free to contact me or any of the moderators here.



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Many have questions on how to program the Homelink buttons. It is in the owner's manual but sometimes it may be confusing to understand the terminology. I've summarized what the manual states, and hopefully this will help anyone in the future (as I have in the past already hehe)

"Ok. Delete the codes in the homelink then try this. (To delete, hold down the first and third buttons at the same time, hold for about 30-60 seconds till the light blinks really fast. Release and check if deleted if the light blinks at a slow but steady pace. That means there's nothing stored on that button)

Hold down the garage door button and the homelink button u want programmed. Once the light changes from a slow blinking light to a rapid blinking light, release both buttons. Then go to the garage door openner and (this is different for all garage door openners) push the "learn" button ONCE. Within 30 secs, press the same button u programmed 3 times, and it should work."

The reset button is the "learn" button on the motor if it's a rolling code unit.

I forgot to mention that if your garage door opener is NOT a rolling code, to ignore the last steps after you get the light (when the homelink button is empty) blinking from slow to a rapid blink.

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XM, Sirius, IPOD Integration FAQ

Check out

This is just the convertor from the xm receiver to the GX 470 (or similar models).

Then any standard XM kit will work.

I had everything done at Sound Advice in Florida. They had to order the convertor from sound gate in calif.

Want to see if there's a sound advice or co-owned company, go to

To order the convertor yourself go to This page lists all the models it can be installed on.


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Maintenance Required Light FAQ

try this if it is the reminder light to change your oil and stuff.

1. With your car OFF, place your key in the ignition and turn to "On". Do not start the car.

2. Find the odometer button and press until it reads the total odometer setting, (not the Trip A or Trip B setting).

3. Turn the key to OFF.

4. Place your finger back on the odometer button, press and hold. Then while still holding the button, turn the key back to "On" (not START).

5. Hold the odometer button in until the MAINT REQD light goes out...should take about 8-10 seconds.

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