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Help - Headlights On When They Shouldn't Be

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2006 GS300, original lights.

When I opened the door, I heard a brief noise from the steering wheel tilt/ telescope mechanism (had not pushed the start button, yet), and found the car wouldn't start - just the tick-tick-tick. Got a jump start and all was well for a few days.

Got home and found that the lights didn't go out automatically after I left the car (stalk switch was in Auto). Switched to "Off", and lights went out. All seemed OK.

Few days later, I parked in a lot during the day (sunny). Came back about 2 hrs later and the lights were on. this time, all I got was tick-tick-tick, when I tried to start the car. Got a new battery this time and all was fine for over a week.

Another week goes by and, again, the lights are on. I open the door and heard a brief noise from the steering wheel tilt/ telescope mechanism. Turned the lights to OFF (from Auto), lights went out. Put back into Auto, and lights are off.

Any ideas of what's going on?

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sounds like a possible shot circuit or switch being activated when the auto tilt wheel contacts.

Try two things.

1. Have the lights on Auto. Shut the car off as you would and watch the tilt wheel contract. Get out of the car and use the remote key to shut off the lights when you leave the car (hit the lock button two times). Watch to make sure the light go out. After a few hours, get back in the car and see what the status is.

2. If it continues, have the auto tilt feature disabled. Easy setting for the dealer to do. Then go about your business. See if the scenario you describe still continues if the telescoping column does not move.

post back up what you find.


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